Scrabble tiles

Regular price $2.00


The squares pictured are 3.5 x 3.5!
(4.5x 4.5 tiles are available for 2.50 each)
(5.5x 5.5 tiles are available for 3$ each)

They are 2$ each meaning per letter, and the available stain colors are shown

As of recently- I will clear coat seal ALL tiles, unless you specify otherwise! That way there is no issues of lifting/ peeling.

These are hung individually and do not include hanging hardware. I DO NOT PROVIDE HANGING HARDWARE- but I will email you a link after purchasing to what I use to hang mine and what I recommend everyone uses! 

Please note when you order these, you will have extra letters when finished (which letters will depend on whichever layout you use). Some people like having the extras in case they want to rearrange. I will email you with layout options after purchase as well! PLEASE separate names with commas in the customization box, and then count how many letters in total it is! 

IF YOU ALREADY have a layout chosen prior to purchasing, please just type out which letters and how many of each in the custom text box. 

The cost is 2$ per tile for 3.5

2.50 per tile for 4.5

3$ per tile for 5.5

 white wash is ONLY available in the 5.5 size.